Jordan Earle

Hello! I’m Jordan — originally hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland and currently calling Newcastle Upon Tyne my home. I have been designing products and tools since 2011.

I’m currently Principal Product Designer at Juniper Education. We’re building software and tools to revolutionise the EdTech space. I lead our design initiatives, striving to elevate design maturity across the company and create tools that make a real difference in education. Most recently, I spearheaded the effort for a complete redevelopment of our Assessments solution.

Before that, I led a product design team at Impero Software. We build software to help improve the lives of students across the United Kingdom. I’ve also worked at Square in San Francisco — as a designer on their support engineering team, working to make crucial information available to customers with ease.

My passion for empowering the next generation led me to launch CREATE, a conference designed to offer over 300 school children genuinely impactful career education — (I have thoughts on this — for a future blog!) Additionally, I co-founded Thinkspace, a coding initiative for kids, backed by industry giants like Stephen Fry, Jony Ive, and Richard Branson.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching movies and television shows, hiking, birdwatching and going on adventures— frequently accompanied by my husband, Stephen and our dog Cleo.

I'm on the lookout for new opportunities that resonate with my passion for pushing the boundaries of design, whether in the creative arts, nature, or cinema. I thrive in environments that challenge the status quo, working alongside teams that are not afraid to tackle difficult and meaningful problems.

If you share these passions, I'd love to connect! Feel free to email me.